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Strong Flour. 1Kg.

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When we get naughty and add butter, sugar, eggs and other enriching ingredients to our doughs, we run the risk of buckling under the pressure and of suffering from a case of baker’s droop: the bread doesn’t rise as it should.

In such cases we have to use strong flour because it contains so much gluten that we can add what we want to it.

If you like making brioches, pannetones, King cake, and other abundant and festive breads, try this flour. It withstands everything.

Oh, and do you know why it is called strong flour? Because when you knead with this flour you will see that it tends not to stretch and so you have to apply a lot of strength. Kneading by hand with strong flour will make you sweat and will leave your arms toned.

And if you are someone who still asks themself if this flour is for “normal” bread (the basic kind made with water, flour, salt and yeast), then our reply is: yes, of course it is, although for that job we recommend our bread flour.

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